A short biography of a sculpture

Siddhalingachar a stone carving artist specially idols of god. Born 6 Sep 1946 at Varadenahalli, Devanahalli taluk of Karnataka. He was inspired and enlightened by watching the Kannada movie “Vijayanagarada Veera Putra “at the age of 16 and with the help of his father he completed his education at Chitrakala shala, Devnahalli under a wellknown artist A.C Acharya.

After leaning stone carving he returned to his village, however he did not get any encouragement from by village, he has to depend on agriculture for his daily living. He used to work daytime in the field and sometimes sit whole night carving idols. Hard work lead to carve an exclusive green aventurine 4 inch two sided Lord Ganesha and Sarasvati. Which was recognized and awarded 2nd prize by Karnataka Lalitha kalaacademy in the year 1983.

He also worked as arts teacher for some time. Then in 1991-1997 he worked for Bangalore Notations Company as a craftsman. He had received several prizes for his art work. He then learned Hoysala style of art at the camp organized by arts academy Mahabalipuram.

His stone carved idols of god can be seen in few temples of Karnataka and other states.

In 2004 he received an award by Karnataka Shilpakala Academy for his art works.

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